The Best Way To
Find A Financial Advisor

Leveraging AI & data science to connect clients with financial advisors for the right reasons, at the right time & place.

the best way to find a financial advisor
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Couplr AI is the best way to find a financial advisor by helping people with intent find a financial advisor at the right time & place, for the right reasons. Couplr AI is the ultimate, cutting-edge wealthtech smart matching solution to drive exponential growth for Insurance & Wealth companies and their financial advisors.

Investors Deserve
the Right Advisor

Advisors Deserve
the Right Clients

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Scalable & Affordable Solution

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American College

Are you a financial professional that’s part of The American College of Financial Services Professional Recertification Program?  Check out our FAQ below on how to sign up for Couplr today through our partnership.

What Problem Does
Couplr AI Fix?

New clients are the lifeblood for insurance & wealth companies and their financial advisors.  They spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on lead generation to attract and acquire new clients, but things tend to break down when trying convert those leads into paying customers.  Couplr AI is the best way to find a financial advisor.

The Best Way to Find a Financial Advisor
The Best Way to Find a Financial Advisor

We Relieve Financial Advisors Pain Points

People are looking for help with their money.  Financial advisors and the companies they serve are looking for new clients.  Couplr AI has greatly improved the consumer journey which directly leads to an improved lead generation & client acquisition experience for insurance & wealth companies and their financial advisors.  Couplr AI is the best way to find a financial advisor.

We Put Investors and
Financial Advisors First

By powering an amazing find a financial advisor experience

We provide financial advisors and the companies they serve a predictable, scalable, and cost effective lead generation solution unlike anything else. By helping financial advisors and the companies they represent acquire more clients in a way that feels natural we increase the likelihood for increased product & services placed and improved financial advisor success rates & retention. Ultimately, we are helping more people fix their relationship with money which will have cascading positive effects for society on a global scale.

The Best Way to Find a Financial Advisor

And That's Not All...

Couplr AI Conversations

Conversations Starter – Inbound leads with intent directly message advisors

Couplr AI Data Insights

Data Insights

Couplr AI Financial Advisor Login Page

3rd Party Integrations

Couplr AI SaaS for Enterprises

Enterprise white-label SaaS solution – Leverage your brand & marketing

Our Frequently
Asked Questions

Couplr AI was built fundamentally different from the ground up.  We are different from other lead generation tools in a variety of ways including:

  • We are a fully embedded white-label technology solution that leverages existing partner brands & marketing efforts that have national presence instead of competing with them.

  • We use Smart Matching technology that is based on science instead of click bait advertising and matching on geolocation.

  • Our pure SaaS subscription revenue model eliminates conflicts of interest.

  • We leverage the power of AI and the network effect to learn consumer and advisors preferences at scale.

  • Not required to register with the SEC as an RIA.

  • Lower cost compared to the competition.

Couplr matches potential clients with advisors on a variety of human and financial dimensions.

We are diligently working on a variety of integrations including CRM, social, scheduling, etc. and will let our advisors know of new integrations as they are launched.

If you’re a financial professional that’s currently part of The College’s Professional Recertification Program (PRP) then you can sign up for Couplr now via our partnership.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your My Learning Hub
  2. Click on My Designations & Certifications
  3. Submit the Button to sign up for Couplr
  4. Expect an invitation from Couplr directly to claim and set up  your Couplr profile.  FYI The College sends Couplr a batch of advisors on a rolling basis so you may not receive your Couplr invitation right away.

Advisors are able to create and customize rich profiles that not only highlight their specialties and experience but also who they are outside of work since building rapport and ultimately trust are based on more than just credentials.

Couplr puts Clients in the drivers seat!  People are looking for help with their money and want to control the process of finding a financial advisor.  By empowering the client to drive the process we are able to greatly improve their experience and ultimately satisfaction.

Enterprise partners and financial advisors get insights into a variety of data points including things like how many leads were matched with an advisor, how many started a Conversation, and the conversion rates of inbound leads.

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If you’re a financial advisor, life insurance agent, or somewhere in between, join our waitlist.

We’re working on creating some amazing partnerships and lead generation sources and solutions for you to grow.

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The Best Way to Find a Financial Advisor

Couplr’s AI-driven advisor matching engine consistently learns more about the value and preferences of the consumer and advisor, helping find suitable options faster, more accurately, and more predictable over time.

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Hello Insurance & Wealth Companies, Ready To Revolutionize Your Advisor-Client Connections?

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Our vision is that everyone in the world should have access to personalized financial guidance & advice.  Our mission is for Couplr to be the technology powering access to personalized financial guidance & advice on a global scale.