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Match your financial advisors with the best clients for them using the Couplr fintech lead generation solution.

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How the magic happens


What happens when a consumer decides they're ready for financial advice?

We don’t exactly know…

Traditionally people looking for financial advice, services, and products are turned off by words they don’t understand, are overwhelmed with long, impersonal lists of advisors to pick from, and sometimes they are still thinking about getting started.

What we do know is that there’s an opportunity to greatly improve the consumer journey which directly leads to to improved lead generation & client acquisition for companies and their financial advisors.

The goal is to not only learn about the consumer and where they are in terms of the ‘stages of change’, but give them more power to make better decisions when they’re ready to make those decisions.  We do this by letting consumers know how well the advisor matches to them while at the same time helping financial advisors work with the best clients for them.

Success is built on trust. Trust is built on empathy.

Couplr fintech uses smart technology to match your financial advisors with the best warm inbound clients for them across four dimensions: demographics, personality, relational psychology, and financial advice specifics.

Couplr How to find a financial advisor
Couplr How to find a financial advisor

Couplr democratizes wealth happiness by helping people with intent find the perfect match in their financial advisor at the right time & place, for the right reasons. This is the fintech lead generation solution you've been looking for.

Frustrated with your "Find-an-Advisor" tool?

Lead generation and converting inbound traffic with intent is an art & science, Couplr has embraced both to help companies get the most out of their existing efforts for the best lead generation experience for them and their financial advisors.

Want to know more about your potential customers?

Couplr collects very valuable data on a variety of dimensions that can be leveraged by companies to increase marketing ROI without increasing marketing budgets to drastically improve their lead generation efforts.

Why Couplr?

After years in the financial services industry, founder Derek Notman saw one pivotal issue: a lack of empathy and trust in professional financial relationships, especially for people looking to hire a financial advisor.  In other words, lead generation was broken.

Knowing that human connection was foundational to success, Derek started the journey to find a solution that truly works.  A smart fintech lead generation solution matching clients and financial advisors.

The result feels magical, but are based on financial psychology, behavioral finance, and math.

find a financial advisor
How to find a financial advisor

What does success look like?

Success is when there is an increase in your existing marketing ROI.  Success is an increase in your products & services placement.  Success is an increase in your financial advisor & product retention.  

Couplr is a white label solution that easily fits into your existing brand, website, and CRM while getting data feedback learnings like never before.  This is how lead generation should work.

Derek Notman founder of Couplr

About the Founder

Derek Notman is an advisor turned fintech CEO.  In addition to founding Couplr & Conneqtor he’s still an actively practicing Certified Financial Planner® and founder of his RIA Intrepid Wealth Partners.

He’s a lifetime MDRT member, was awarded the Rising Star Award in 2022, named as the Leading New Advisor for the State of Vermont in 2006, and has been compared to “The World’s Most Interesting Man”.

Works like a dream

Lead generation by matching people on human dimensions while leveraging science & data.

Couplr is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant