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Lead Generation is Dead

lead generation is dead

Lead Generation is Dead The future goes beyond ZIP codes and Net Worth focusing on Client Personalization, Cultivation, and Matching The world of financial advice, specifically lead generation, is undergoing a seismic shift. The era of cold calls and robo-matching based solely on demographics like zip code and net worth is fading, if not already […]

On A Mission To Fix Money

fix money

On a mission to fix money How your money can be the root of all evil, or the seed of all good I recently took my son to open another savings account. He’s bringing in money he’s saved from odd jobs, chores, selling things online, birthday gifts, etc. I had him go through the entire […]

Jam It All!!

financial advisor lead generation

How understanding the Paradox of Choice can make finding a financial advisor easier Let’s face it, financial advisor lead generation leaves something to be desired. Back in 2000 one of my most favorite research papers of all time, When choice is demotivating: Can one desire too much of a good thing?, was published by Sheena […]

A New Lead Generation Service

lead generation service

A marketplace for buying and selling professional financial relationships “Relationship selling” is when someone uses their relationship and connection to close a sale – often selling a product. A product is a tangible thing, like a financial plan. However, buying and selling the relationship is another thing. When done right it has the potential to […]

How To Find A Financial Advisor

how to find a financial advisor

Use technology to fix the trust problem How to find a financial advisor? Whether you’re a financial services company or an advisor that represents one, this is the question you should be thinking about since you want & need one thing more than anything else, clients.  Without clients it doesn’t matter how amazing your products […]

Build Lead Generation Pipelines into Existing Markets And Avoid Natural Market Disasters

Lead Generation

If you’re responsible for driving lead generation for your organization’s financial advisors then you are going to want to read this.Lead generation, for financial advisors and the institutions they represent, is arguably the single most important thing needed for consistent and scalable growth. Financial professionals and their organizations need warm, inbound leads to not only […]