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How your money can be the root of all evil, or the seed of all good

I recently took my son to open another savings account. He’s bringing in money he’s saved from odd jobs, chores, selling things online, birthday gifts, etc.

I had him go through the entire process of asking, setting up, and depositing his money into his new account.

I did this because I want my son to be happy.

Part of this process has included had countless conversations with my son about what money is, why he should save it, why it’s important to earn it, and how to tie it to things that are important to him that he has put on his vision board that can ultimately make him happy.

My son, like virtually everyone on the planet, has access to some form of “money”. Some of us use Dollars, some us Rands, some use Yen, some of us barter items. The common thread is that virtually all of us have access to and use money in one form or another.

I would even venture to say that Money is arguably the most powerful tool in the world.

The crazy thing is….almost none of us get any type of intentional education when it comes to what money is, how to use it, how to earn it, how to leverage, and of course how to avoid a variety of mistakes that most of us have made at one point or another.

This is the challenge and opportunity.

Is money the root of all evil?

Money can negatively impact us in a multitude of ways. When we don’t know how to use something; be it driving a car, using medicine, flying a plane, etc. we are setting ourselves up for failure, mistakes, potentially being taken advantage of, and a lot of stress.

When we don’t know much about money bad things can happen, things like:

  • Money issues with our spouse is one of the leading reasons people get divorced
  • Going into and being stuck in debt
  • Not being able to save for things like a home, college for the kids, and retirement
  • Poverty, hunger, homelessness
  • Addiction and health issues
  • The list goes on.

All of these negatively impact us mentally and even physically. So yes, when it comes to money being the root of all evil I agree that without financial education and solid advice a lot of bad things can happen.

But think about what could happen if we were able to prevent people from experiencing these things, even just 1% less on a global scale, what that would mean to society.

Can money be the seed of all that is good?

On the flip side of this coin one can argue that money can be the seed of all that is good in life.

When we have money and know how to use it good things can happen, things like:

  • Peace of mind
  • Being able to buy a home, pay for college, retire, travel
  • Being able to give to charities of our choosing
  • Better health care
  • More opportunities
  • Better quality of everything we consume

But in order for these things to happen, and let’s face it they will not happen by accident, we have to know everything we can about this tool called money.

Your Happiness

Unless you are a money expert like a financial advisor, tax professional, etc. chances are you’re not as well versed with your money as you would like to be, and that’s OK, but that also doesn’t mean we should just ignore our money either.

This is were financial education & advice come in. When we are taught about money we are empowered to not only understand our relationship with money but make better decisions when it comes to investing, financial planning, and so on. This can lead to happiness.

The battle between evil & good, when it comes to money, is a driving force for me and why I am trying to fix money with the work my team and I are doing at Couplr.

When we help people connect with their money better by helping them get connected with the right advisor and subsequently receiving the financial education and advice they should have we can fight back against the evils that come from a lack of financial literacy.

Is it too much of a stretch to say that our happiness can be derived from combining our money and financial education? I don’t think so!


Derek Notman

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